Back to Basics

I often get asked what supplies I used for art journaling, but recently someone added: ‘what am I missing?

There are no set rules for art journaling, and so there is no one-size-fits-all list of things you must have for creating. Of course, you can experiment with different materials and techniques, but I find that sometimes what works for one person may not work for me. You need to find which supplies you have easy access to that you can develop your skills with and utilise in various ways.

Having said that, here are a few of the ‘basic’ supplies that I use, the core elements that I could use to create a page with. Once again, my basics need not be your basics!


My palette has a mixture of Windsor & Newton paints and a couple of Daniel Smith paints, as well as some colours that I have mixed myself. I use them to create washes for backgrounds, or for painting. I’ll usually use more than one colour and try and create a textured effect to give more depth and interest.


This doesn’t have to be just vintage book pages or patterned paper pads! Anything that you pick up when going through your day – tags, receipts, postcards – they can all be incorporated into spreads. I either use them in backgrounds or create tip-ins. Just be careful of adding too much if you don’t like bulk (but who doesn’t love a chunky journal?!).


Or pencils, whatever you like to do writing with! For dates, journaling, jotting in bits and pieces or doodling.


I like to have different lettering in my journals for effect – you can layer on top of backgrounds or colour in the letters with pencils or watercolours.


Okay, this one isn’t reaaaalllly a basic…but it is for me! Washi can be used for decoration and tabs as well as to add in tip-ins. And there are endless designs to choose from. I like to include samples in happy mail, as this is a great way to try different designs without buying a whole roll!

What supplies are your basics? Let me know in the comments!

Meg x

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