‘Junk’ Journal With Me

I have shared Journal with Me’s in the past, but today marks the start of a new ‘series’. Every week – until the journal is complete – you will see me work in a vintage ‘junk’ journal insert.

What is a Junk Journal?

‘Junk journal’ has become an umbrella term for journals that feature anything other than plain pages. Corinne Jansz gives this definition of what is included in a junk journal:

…a handmade book made up of recycled items such as papers from magazines, brochures, patterned paper, music sheets, envelopes, packaging, brown paper bags, maps, greeting cards, post cards, doilies, to name a few.  The book covers can be made from cereal boxes, old book covers or any hard card boards.

As you can see, junk journaling originated from wanting to use materials in new ways. I guess you could call it ‘creative recycling’. One of my all time favourite bloggers, Jennibellie made a video on how she created a journal from greetings cards.

Here, I am using old vintage papers, amongst other papers, to create my journal insert. Here is the first episode:

For this insert, I decided to focus on the word ‘growth’ as a theme. I think that this will allow me to explore the idea more fully than the confines of a single spread. It also pushes me to think of how to use words and images to convey its nuances in several ways.

I hope you enjoy this journey!

Junk Journal Inserts

Meg x